Metavista: Bible, Church & Mission in an Age of Imagination

metavista_coverThe authors, Colin Greene & Martin Robinson, present with intriguing analysis what we all recently witnessed playing out right before us during the American election.  A little known African-American man found the open space (vista) in the American culture and began to tell a story of hope that captured the imagination of millions of voters – as well as the attention of the whole watching world.  To accomplish this seemingly impossible mission Obama steadfastly led a team of competent, committed individuals who not only knew well the story he wanted told, but help him imagine how to implement it in the context of a politically divided, financially stressed, and institutionally distrustful nation.  The invitation was consistent: yes we can.  His message of hope was well articulated, consistent, and found resonance within the hearts of Americans.  He invited us into the story of American retold for our age – regardless of our race, age, gender, or educational background.  He could be seen as one who lived within the story.  We could see that it was real.  He couldn’t have done it or continue it alone – which he repeatedly made clear.  We are in this re-told story together. Together – and only together – can the story become reality for all of us.

The authors of metavista invite us to take a similar risk – believing, not in the Obama goal of fixing this nation, but in saving a world.  Our mantra is more than yes we can.  It is also yes we must.  We must network among a competent, spiritually disciplined, visionary leaders who will value, challenge and inspire teamwork and networking of diverse Christian groups.  We must discover the space(s) the Lord reveals for us to occupy – in an ever-increasingly changing world.  We must understand, live within, and re-imagine the biblical story to fit this space(s) without fear.  We must excite the hope, inform the mind, capture the heart, and motivate a full commitment to Christ through thorough discipleship of all who would join us. 

Yes we must.

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