Searching for a Better God

searching-for-a-better-godWade Bradshaw address some very intriguing questions in this book.  He parses out the differences in the ‘old story’ verses what he calls the ‘new story’.  The New Story raises many legitimate questions once accepted as givens in the old story.  He continues to pursue the quesitons: Is God Angry, Is God Distant, and Is God a Bully.

Unfortunately, for me, this book fell short in its internal organization – beginning at the table of contents.  What good are chapters that are, in part, as follows: Chapter 10 Is God Distant? Part 1, Chapter 11 Is God Distant? Part 2, etc up to Part 4?  It seemed lazy.  Additionally, since I was looking forward to reading this book, I was disheartened in the not so veiled ‘real’ beliefs of the author.  The presented questions enticed the reader into thinking that this was going to be a genuinely scholarly consideration of the issues, yet I felt dragged back into the same old, same old, over and over again, chapter by chapter.  One other issue was the writting style.  For me, and I realize my preferences may not represent those of the majority of readers, I like a coherent argument on the issues.  I felt that Wade never really made his thesis clear in beginning of the book, but tended to jump into illustration after illustration which never made clear where he was going.  For me, therefore, this book rambled far too much on important questions, never really getting to the meat of the issue and maybe never really wanting to or being able to.  Chapter 6, in other words, wasn’t the only ‘brief digression’.  The whole book was full of them.

Over all, I would like to see this book revised – with a good editor – because I found that the little I got from it is worthy of a much deeper, far more scholarly consideration.


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