The Great Emergence

tickle1Phyllis Tickles new book, The Great Emergence, certainly fills a void in the emergent literature of this decade.  If you love history, she discusses the trends that have led to the many church transformative events that seem to arise about every half millennium.  The shifts in Christianity include the times of Gregory the Great, the Great Schism, and the Great Reformation.  If you are just interested in becoming more informed about the trends that have brought our own generation into this Great Emergence, she carefully seeks to define it, describing the many factors that have played out to bring us where we now are, and then suggests where it may very well be leading us.  

I love her writing style.  She presents a depth of understanding in an engaging manner.  Her writing is not cluttered with filler chatter.  Thus, if you underline as you read, you’ll be painting nearly every page with brilliant highlighter colors. 

If you are curious, or even frustrated, by the changes that are happening in Christianity you will be well advised to read this book.  Buckle your seat belts because what Phyllis Tickle has written is like the conductors last call to board the train.  God is at work in his church.  We can, as in many ages including our own, fight against what is emerging – but we will find ourselves, or so it seems, fighting against God himself.  The changes are good.  There are useful checks and balances at work already.  Yet, God is retro-fitting his church to meet the needs of a new age.


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