Epic – the story God is telling, by John Eldredge

epic I like stories.  When I watch a DVD or read a story I often find myself wondering how I would have responded within the narrative.  Often the stories that others tell help me to better understand my own story.

Eldredge not only puts value on our individual stories, but helps us to see how our personal stories is vitally connected to a much larger, eternal stories.  This is a well needed reminder to all of us, particularly churches, that we need to keep the larger God story in mind at all times.  To do otherwise is to reduce each day into a meaningless and stressful mess.  Each of our stories, each day we live, can be best understood in the context of the whole cosmic narrative.  There is much more going on around us, things that dramatically influence our personal stories.  Without this insight we aimlessly and painfully meander through life unnecessarily.

Epic (2004) brings us back into the larger picture.  It is a book that ought to be utilized regularly in every discipleship and outreach effort.  The handbook (2007) is also a useful guide for thinking through our own stories in the light of the larger Story.

All in all, well done, well written, contemporary illustrations.


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