Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions, by J.A. Beverley

Beverley ReligionsThe introduction to this book ought to be read by every pastor and church administrator. It is a clearly articulated review of Christianity 101 – which is so easily forgotten as we get diverted by ‘doing’ church. The introduction also sets the stage, as it ought to, for the authors approach in reviewing each religion.

From a coherent foundation on what makes Christianity Christian, each religion is generously approached while carefully compared to Christian basics. Obviously, all religions are not the same, nor are all ‘good’.  But it would be wise to have a fair-minded understanding of the religions of this world.

This is designed to be an introduction to world religions – from the Baha’i to Witchcraft – rather than a detailed study. Yet, it is well organized, captures the essence of each religious group, & offers sufficient and useful references for further research.

One other aspect of this publication that makes it far more than a useful reference book of dates, beliefs, and historical events is that the reader is introduced to personalities associated with most of these religions. Though succinctly written, each religion is a story and not just a chart of facts.

This book is pleasant and a fascinating read, not merely another book to add to one’s dust-collecting shelf of reference-only texts.


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