The Tangible Kingdom, by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay

188972_cover.inddInsipid. Having no flavor. That, despite the call to be the ‘salt’ of the earth, is what the church is, and has long been, for most folks. With stinging accuracy, sprinkled with consistently self-deprecating humor, Halter and Smay present not only the dismal ‘state of the 21st century church’, but also offer insightful and practical solutions designed to reconcile the body with it’s true head, Jesus Christ.

Here is a book every church leadership team, and every believer, ought not only to read and re-read – as I have – but to utilize as a discussion starter for planning the way back home. The world must ‘see’ and ‘touch’ the tangible evidence of the kingdom of heaven in the lives of God’s children. The church must make visible what God has already done.

Unfortunately, we neglect to question the status quo and persist in repeating the ways of church that may have worked in years gone by, but have morphed into a fatal autoimmune disease that is killing us in the present. What the world knows today as the ‘church’ is a parody of the kingdom. It is time to stop, look, and intentionally re-imagine in the Spirit how God chooses to reveal himself through his people.

The authors are not mere philosophers, speaking into something they have themselves never tried. They present a scripturally sound, personally tested, and marvelously hopeful way forward. Beware, though, their observations are guaranteed to push your buttons. On the other hand, their solutions are elegantly simple – to the point where you will immediately say, ‘oh, was it always that simple? Why didn’t we see that before?’


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