A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller

Don MillerAs I read through the first few chapters of this book, my first impression was ‘this is curious’.  Most of the books I read are of a different genre.  What, really, was this book about?  He had my attention, but where was he taking me?

My next impression came as a particular sentence insisted that I stop and think about what I had just read.  This was more than curious.  This was insightful.  He wrote: A character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it is the basic structure of a good story.  My life was flashing before my eyes.  Hmmm.

It became difficult to put the book down and to pursue the requirements of my usual day.  This guy, Don, was on to something that was inviting me to see life – my life – from a fresh new perspective.  He had more than engaged my attention, he was doing surgery on my life. 

There was, I confess, one event in his story that got past all my well-constructed defenses and had me so thoroughly in tears that I had to put the book down for 24 hours. It was the story about search for his dad. I’m a sucker for reconciliation stories and the one Don relates in this book is a wing-dinger! 

This book moved from curious to insightful and then to inspiring.  Don’s story was not merely something to escape into, to vicariously live within for a time, and then – finally – leave the reader with a wise set of proverbs to occasionally revisit and cleverly share with others through life.  The inspirational elements of this book challenge us to live life differently – providing not only opportunities to join something Don has created, but to imagine for ourselves novel ways to serve our world.  In other words, to see ourselves in a much larger story than ourselves – much as described in John Eldredges’ book, Epic.

This book does not end with a pretty  finale.  Rather, his story leaves the reader with an invitation to re-imagine.  I can’t imagine anyone who would not be more than blessed by reading this book – in fact, in reading all of Don’s books.  Then, re-reading them.

For more info: http://donmilleris.com


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