The Case for God, by Karen Armstrong

Case for God This is an important and life-altering book.  We are always so liable to ‘see’ the world around us only through the lens we have inherited that we fail to see things as they really are.  What may well be the ‘facts’ of religion today, by not be the ‘truth’.  Anachronistic readings of the scriptures yield to the adage that a text without a context produces a dangerous pretext.

Karen Armstrong invites us into a more holistic historical world where ‘god’ helping the reader to pursue the origins of our biases.  The result is an opportunity to better know and to more fully engage a far more ‘godlike God than the often narrowly constructed god we unwittingly hace created.

God is always more than we can ever put into words or imagine. Speechlessness seems to be where our search for the divine more realistically leads us.  Reluctance in assuming ‘our’ god is only god is probably where humility keeps us.

I kept my thumb in the much needed glossary in the back of the book, I also appreciated the chapter by chapter references for further study as well as Armstrong gift for making a difficult and controversial topic more accessible to the non-scholar.


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