Lost and Found, by Ed Stetzer

Lots of churches are spending a lot of money and time trying to reach unchurched young adults – yet they are making plans based on hunches and anecdotal accounts.  What are the facts?  Stetzer & team put in the time and research effort to move us beyond all the guessing – and they present their material in an easy to read format.

This book is divided into three sections.  Part One discusses just who the young adults are.  Part Two is an analysis of what the ministry needs of the unchurched young adults.  Part Three is an exciting survey of what some churches are already doing to reach this important segment of society.

The stats are facinating and the authors tease out some intriguing facts that would otherwise have not been noticed. One particular stat stood out for me: “about 90% of the younger unchurched believe they do not need the church in order to have a good relationship with God or to learn what it means to be a Christian.”  This makes the attractional method of church ineffective.  About the same percentage are open to people sharing their beliefs, but just aren’t open to the church. 

Part Two introduces four key ‘markers’ for ministry geared toward unchurched young adults – Community- they want to have genuine relationships through life, Depth – they want to wrestle with the difficult questions and not just get ‘pat’ answers, Responsibility – they believe their choices make a difference in this world and thus they want to do what is right, and Connection – the want mentoring from those more experienced.

This is not a ‘how to’ book, but it is a vital source of much needed information for leaders who are truly committed to reaching our young unchurched adults.


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