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The Gospel According to Lost, by Chris Seay

Posted in Book Review with tags , on December 21, 2009 by seguewm

Frankly, I’ve never watched more than a couple of moments of Lost.  It never seemed to click with me.  So, based on that admission, reading this book was measurably less interesting for me than it would have been to one of the initiated.  On the other hand, having read this book, I now want to rent the series and then re-read this book again!

Don’t get me wrong. Seay is, despite my Lost naiveté, an engaging author.  He sees, as did Mother Teresa, the many faces of Jesus in the ‘distressing disguises’ of this mostly sordid cast of characters.  He observes what Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch describe as communitas – as each individual, tied to one another on this island, ‘become much more likeable than their old selves’.  God appears to work through each person’s demons to create something beautiful.  Chris captures that process well.

The book introduces us, one by one, to the characters of Lost. Each role is imagined in it’s past and present in the light of a providential hand.  Seay cleverly takes the core message of Andy Andrews’ The Noticer and applies it to the cast and setting of Lost.  The result is a new way to see TV.  The characters portrayed on the tube are simply projectives of who we are as 21st century people, operating within the context, parameters, and plan of God’s universe.  The scriptures remind us of the divines favored method for molding human character – through struggle and narrative.

Thank you, Chris, for this book.  Now pardon my absence as I indulge my need to watch all five seasons of Lost.


Chronological Study Bible NKJV, by Thomas Nelson

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I love this Bible!  In fact, I’ve been encouraging my congregation to utilize this book for our 2010 Reading through the Bible.  This year our reading will have a clear sense of chronology with plenty of historical notes, illustrations, biblical events overlayed with secular time lines, a wonderful concordance, an index to all the cultural & historical topics, a glossary of bible terms, and a very useful index of scripture passages – which, if you are unfamiliar with the chronology of the bible you might not be able to quickly find a familiar text without this – at least at first.

This bible follows a series of time epochs that divide the history of the bible into 9 segments that begin at Creation and extend to Revelation.  Epoch One, for instance, takes the reader from the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic), the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic), the New Stone Age (Neolithic), the Copper-Stone Age (Chalcolithic), and then the Early Bronze Age.

If you have never used a study bible before, make this your first!  Then, be sure to join our reflections of the text each day – posted on Twitter – beginning January 1, 2010.  Look me up at Segue341.

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