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The Voice

Posted in Book Review with tags , , , on January 12, 2010 by seguewm

 The Voice is a translation of the New Testament, recently published by Thomas Nelson.  What I love about this bible is the manner in which it was created. 

Artists, musicians, editors, writers, alongside biblical scholars have worked to recapture – as best they could – the expressiveness of the original penmen.  Rather than twisting the diverse styles and cultural backgrounds into one consistent style across all 66 books of the bible, Chris Seay has encouraged a dynamic group of men in women to present this sacred volume as close what might well have been its initial intent. Wow what a read!

The result of their efforts has produced a colorful New Testament through which the ready picks up the flavors and scents of a distant time.  The reader experiences anew the passion of the original authors. Bible reading again becomes experiential, rather than merely dry academic.

In addition to the textual presentation, this volume included windows into the times, designed to better inform our imaginations as we read the text.  Jesus becomes what the scriptures are really all about.  Interestingly, in many translations, one often gathers the impression that theology is what the scriptures are all about.  Yet, in this edition, excitement about Jesus as the Liberating King exudes throughout, capturing the moment.  Jesus is exulted in the text as a real person – God in the flesh, rather than as a theological construct.