A New Kind of Christianity, by Brian McLaren

What would be your top ten questions – honestly speaking – that you have about the Christian faith?  What just doesn’t seem to work for you, or bugs you, or simply leaves you speechless?

In Brian’s latest book he courts ten questions that he believes – if openly pursued – would, and are, transforming what we call our Christian faith.  After having read this book twice, I still can’t think of a question other than the ones he has addressed.  My only frustration with this book is that each question ought to have been a whole book. I found myself wanting to know more, discuss more – although each chapter opened up a Pandora’s box of pursuit, some of which I’ve already raised among my friends.

On the critique end, other than wanting to hear more, I also wondered if Brian said less because he was too gracious.  He leaves an abundance of questions open-ended, sometimes his responses are a bit nebulous.  Did he only intended to elicit thinking without unnecessarily alienating first time readers?  Or, was he raising the kind of questions we all ought to be discussing, yet without – himself – having all the answers. 

I found the extensive notes at the end of the book as valuable as the chapters themselves.  In fact, they often added clarity that was missing in the chapter. 

Over all I was blessed.  Not simply by having my mind titillated by stepping across the threshold of a frequently posted forbidden zone, but because most thinking folk realize that Brian has accurately articulated the exact questions we have secretly pondered.  A reluctance to thoroughly think through and openly discuss these ten questions is, in my opinion, an irresponsible vote for spiritual anarchy.  The world needs to hear the church revisit these questions often and deeply.  The church has captured one third of earth’s population.  The church must act responsibly and courageously.


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