Saint Patrick, by Jonathan Rogers

Saint Patrick has always been known through more obvious myth than fact.  The legends about him are endear, yet often a bit strange.  Jonathan Rogers presents one of the best pictures of this saint that I’ve read – sharing the unimaginable while parsing out, as best as possible, the reality.  I think Saint Patrick himself would have been pleased by this report of his life and work.

Rogers begins his book by introducing the reader to the world that then existed. He then pieces together for us, using the two documents written by Saint Patrick as well as other historical documents, the life of this man of faith.  Truly, this was a Christian of incredible faith.

The story leads us from his privileged boyhood faithlessness, through years of faith development while in captivity as a slave of Irish barbarians, to a daring escape to freedom, and finally his Spirit-led return to the land of his captivity to serve as the pastor of Ireland.  As in many stories like this, one can’t help but imagine if I, the reader, would have been man enough to do as Patrick did.  Would I have seen and heard God in the midst of such loss and suffering?  Could I have returned to the land of my enemy to lead my captors to God?

In a brief 132 pages, Rogers well engages the reader in an unforgettable, unregrettable, spiritual journey.


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