The Teaching of the 12, by Tony Jones

What did the earliest Christian communities believe?  What were their practices?  The didache set forth the basics for both belief and practice. A glimpse into these teachings, from a copy written in 1056 and only rediscovered in 1873, gives us a window into history that is otherwise unknown to us.

Tony Jones brings that time back to life by inviting us along on a journey into their world.  For the 21 century Christian living in the United States, the ancient practices of Christianity appear more than merely foreign to us.  Is this really the same religion?  Had they skewed (skewered?) it to fit their first century subculture or have we read into the faith our western culture?  Probably a bit of both is true.

This book is another vital piece that all thinking Christians ought to read – if not just to assuage curiosity about a historical period, then to actually broaden our own understanding of the diversity that makes up the ‘church’.


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