Searching For God Knows What

Searching For God Knows What, written by Donald Miller, was first published in 2004 and recently republished in an expanded version in 2010.

I always am blessed as I interact with the mind of this author.  I like the way he ruminates about the things of God.  I appreciate his willingness to ponder outside what some may called the orthodox lines.  Don has an unassuming way of weaving into fascinating stories some truly synapse-screaming notions.

As I read through this book I found myself wondering who Don’s style of writing reminded me of.  Finally it came to me.   I imagine him as a cross between pastor/author Brian McLaren and children’s book author/online game designer Jeff Kinney – best known for his Diary of the Whimy Kid.

Donald is a story teller. If you enjoy well developed and rather lengthy illustrations cleverly designed to buttress up the theological point he is about to make, then you will not be able to put this book down.  If you prefer a no-nonesense book that cuts-to-the chase and/or colors only within your current and comfortable ‘bubble’ lines then – find another author of your own peculiar ‘feather’.  

Much of what Don discusses in this book are ideas currently being discussed within the Emergent literature of this last decade.  In fact, if you are not familiar with, yet intrigued by, emergent theology then Don’s book would be a gentle first step across the coals to see if they are too toasty for your twinkies.   On the other hand, if you’ve been reading McLaren, Frost, Cole, Tickle, Rollins, Hirsch, or many other emerging church authors, Don’s book will come across rather light-weight.  He raises many legitimate issues, but often stops short of the proverbial precipice from which others appear to delight in diving off from.

Finally, you’ve got to love this mans heart for God. His faith, his intergrity, his authenticity, his blessed twist of mind, and his gift for openly expressing in words what he is thinking will touch your heart as it does mine.


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