Mystically Wired, by Ken Wilson

Ken took a rather novel approach to prayer in this book.  He reminds us that prayer is not difficult, it is simply a different way to have a conversation. As such God invites us to be willing to learn how to perceive him in a manner that is not readily familiar to us.

On the other hand, references are made to various studies on the brain and presented as evidence that prayer really isn’t so weird that it exists outside the realm of the common person. Something really does happen in the brain when folks prayer.  In fact, it seems, we are all actually hard-wired to pray.  In other words, as far as our brains are concerned there isn’t anything to fear.  It is ready and waiting.  We may not have exercised this aspect of mind, but the evidence reveals that the structure for it is there if we are just willing to put it into practice.

The author, masterfully leveraging science, explores the how to’s of’ prayer. He suggests ways to enter into the ‘bliss’ of a regular prayer life that work in harmony with our physiology, sharing his own journey of prayer along the way.  His notion is that if we will give it a try, if we will work in harmony with our designe, we will actually find a life of prayer the lifestyle of choice.  We’ve just, possibly, up to now, conceived of it as far more difficult than it really is.  This is probably a consequence of Western culture.

Wish you had a better prayer life?  Wondering how to get started?  Fearful you will be disappointed if nothing ‘happens’?  This is an excellent book to get started with.  If you already enjoy a meaningful prayer life – this book will tweak your experience into the next level.


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