Venom and Song

In this second book of the Berinfell Prophecies Wayne Batson and Chris Hopper continue the wild tale that inserts everyday young people into important roles within a completely different world.

This book is written for young people who really enjoy fantasy and adventure. Parents, if your teen fits into this category not only will he or she enjoy this book, but you don’t need to be concerned about what they will learn. It is chock-full of good moral reasoning, demonstrates the value of team work, and amplifies the character trait of perseverance against all manner of odds.

To be honest, this is not my favorite literary genre.  I never even enjoyed Tolkien or Lewis.  I like to dive immediately into a story without too much brain work.  Reading is relaxing – for me.   The plethora of characters and places in this book took more effort to grasp than I preferred and required me to frequently return to the cast of characters page. Then again, if this is your cup of tea, the authors don’t let you down.

I enjoyed the writing style, the flow of the story, the fact that there was a story, and that this book – from beginning to end – was full of action.  Just when you think they’ve got the job nailed down, another challenge is introduced.

I review this book for Thomas Nelson publisher.


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