Beyond Opinion – Living the Faith We Defend

It is with a certain degree of irony that the author of this book chose the particular title that he did. I say that because my first impression (opinion) was that assumptions were often built upon without first being established beyond opinion. To be honest, I was disappointed as I read this book. I’ve been blessed by Ravi Zacharias over the years.

I suppose, if the reader of this book dwells among the already convinced, there will be a flood of amens.  What would have been a more accurate title? How to Create a Straw Man Argument and then Shoot it Down. If this was a first draft, no problem. If the usefulness of apologetics is in its clever ability to demonstrate why opposing beliefs are not absolutes, then this book is a winner. Yet the authors present nothing to bolster their own beliefs and, in effect unwittingly leave Christian apologetics a light-weight reputation.

OK, OK, I’m doing much of the same thing in this review. On the other hand, this is supposed to be my opinion of the book. Ravi’s book was not. This is not to say that there wasn’t anything of value in this text.  I enjoyed the writing style, the topics, and the cursory coverage of the many issues that confront Christian faith today. I just expected more.

Who would I recommend this book to? This is a great book for those who are true believers. It will confirm them in their current evangelical worldview.  It will introduce, or at least remind, them of the great diversity of issues that make up our reality. If, though, you are looking for something scholarly and courageous, this book won’t be for you.


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