He Who Wept

I hate to even admit this, but I purchased this book in Hawaii in 1990 and have intended to read it ever since. Having just finished a Chronological reading of the book of Jeremiah, I again thought of this novel by Thom Lemmons. It was sitting, beckoning, on my shelf, as it has for years.

The cast of characters in the beginning of the book was extremely useful, as the names can begin to sound alike and the relationships a bit foggy after a while. This, plus a map of the area, were welcomed additions to the novel.

There are only two things I found disagreeable about this book. First, the lack of references for the quoted texts. This could hae been included in an appendix or even at the bottom of the pages.  Second, a explanatory segue between scenes would have given the story a smoother, easier progression. There were some jumps in the story that caught me off guard.

Lemmons is a gifted writer and story teller. I have a much better appreciation for Jeremiah after reading this book. I not only recommend it, but am now looking forward to reading his other books. I’ve learned my lesson and will not likely leave them unread, on the bookshelf, for a decade or two.


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