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Chasing Francis, by Ian Cron

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If St.Francis speaks to your heart, if you sense you are in  the midst of a spiritual pilgrimage and not quite sure where it will lead you, and you are open to a new/old kind of Christianity – don’t make any decisions until you read this book.

Cron’s writing style is both intellectually engaging as well as consistently humorous. You won’t find the over-used and commonly abused trite comments. Instead, you will discover refreshingly novel and delightful quotables. More importantly, as this story develops, the reader is spiritually guided through a clever sequence of unanticipated insights into one’s own sacred pilgrimage.

Chasing Francis compels the reader along two time dimensions – the 21st and the 13th century.  You will straddle two worlds into which St. Francis meaningfully speaks. But there is much more. If you are wrestling with your faith, you will resonate with the main character as he, in Italy, confronts and sorts through the wreckage of his American Protestant life with periodic Eat, Pray, Love deja vu.

This book is a primer, a must read, for all those who are teetering on whether to either chuck the whole religion ‘thing’ or to fasten the bungee cord and leap into wherever the Spirit might lead.


About You, by Dick Staub

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by Dick Staub

New to the Christian faith? Want to get the larger picture on what it means to be a healthy Christian? Need to better understand how to satisfy the deep soul longing within you? This book may have been written just for you.

Dick Staub presents the Christian life in the beauty God designed it to be. He offers a freshingly holistic Christian worldview, pulling in quotes from a variety of well known and respected Christian authors to underscore his rendering of life in the Spirit.

God knows you. God has a plan for your life right now. He is, if you are willing to listen, encouraging you to discover and become fully allive in Him

Hopefully, if you are a mature Christian, you will not find anything particularly new in this volume. The quotations will be familiar. You won’t bump into anything particularly edgy or heretical. Yet Dick eloquently reminds even experienced disciples that our God is a real God – a loving, Creator God – with something fresh and awe-inspiring planted for us in each and every day.

Saint Francis, by Robert West

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Many have written equally inspirational books about the life of Saint Francis, yet few have written with such natural story-telling ease as has Robert West. The author has an incredible ability, a gift, in being able to weave together countless and complex historical facts into a smooth, engaging, and truly uplifting narrative. 

From beginning to end, the life of Saint Francis unfolds, drawing the reader increasingly deeper into his very heart.  More so, West cleverly presents this old saint as if he was still speaking to us today. Could I have entered this order? Could I relinquish all possessions? Could I have endured?

West, appropriately, bravely delves into even the plethora of Saint Francis legends. Even here the author handles them with grace, not encouraging an over-exaggeration of Francis, nor diminishing the possibility that God may well have performed the miraculous through him.  The life of Francis is always earthy real with struggles and failures common to us all, yet with victories we all long to believe are still possible today.

Become a Franciscan brother for a day. Encounter, through the pages of this book, the luminary Saint Francis – a fool for Christ.