Saint Francis, by Robert West

Many have written equally inspirational books about the life of Saint Francis, yet few have written with such natural story-telling ease as has Robert West. The author has an incredible ability, a gift, in being able to weave together countless and complex historical facts into a smooth, engaging, and truly uplifting narrative. 

From beginning to end, the life of Saint Francis unfolds, drawing the reader increasingly deeper into his very heart.  More so, West cleverly presents this old saint as if he was still speaking to us today. Could I have entered this order? Could I relinquish all possessions? Could I have endured?

West, appropriately, bravely delves into even the plethora of Saint Francis legends. Even here the author handles them with grace, not encouraging an over-exaggeration of Francis, nor diminishing the possibility that God may well have performed the miraculous through him.  The life of Francis is always earthy real with struggles and failures common to us all, yet with victories we all long to believe are still possible today.

Become a Franciscan brother for a day. Encounter, through the pages of this book, the luminary Saint Francis – a fool for Christ.


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