Chasing Francis, by Ian Cron

If St.Francis speaks to your heart, if you sense you are in  the midst of a spiritual pilgrimage and not quite sure where it will lead you, and you are open to a new/old kind of Christianity – don’t make any decisions until you read this book.

Cron’s writing style is both intellectually engaging as well as consistently humorous. You won’t find the over-used and commonly abused trite comments. Instead, you will discover refreshingly novel and delightful quotables. More importantly, as this story develops, the reader is spiritually guided through a clever sequence of unanticipated insights into one’s own sacred pilgrimage.

Chasing Francis compels the reader along two time dimensions – the 21st and the 13th century.  You will straddle two worlds into which St. Francis meaningfully speaks. But there is much more. If you are wrestling with your faith, you will resonate with the main character as he, in Italy, confronts and sorts through the wreckage of his American Protestant life with periodic Eat, Pray, Love deja vu.

This book is a primer, a must read, for all those who are teetering on whether to either chuck the whole religion ‘thing’ or to fasten the bungee cord and leap into wherever the Spirit might lead.


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