The Butterfly Effect, by Andy Andrews

Unless you don’t get out much, you probably quite frequently bump into people who don’t think their life matters much. That probably applies to all of us at some time or another.  If so, here’s a story tailor made for you. Andy Andrews has put together a beautiful gift book that eloquently underscores why each and every life really does matter.

The Butterfly Effect takes its name from a rather strange hypothesis presented in 1963 at the New York Academy of Sciences. The ‘thinker’ was Edward Lorenz. The idea, that something as insignificant as butterfly wing motion in one country could lead to something powerful like a hurricane in another, was rejected as silliness by his colleagues. Decades later, though, physicists rescued his hypothesis and gave it the rank of scientific principle. Nothing in life is inconsequential.

That is also true of each human life. As someone once said, ‘God don’t make no junk’. Even the so-called Junk DNA turns out not to be ‘junk’. Andrews, through his apt gift for effective story-telling, illustrates how the ordinary person’s life has tremendous, transgenerational influence. Even the seemingly trivial things we say or do can leave a powerful legacy. The salient point of this gift book is that every life really does matter. Including yours.

Don’t wait to make this merely a stocking stuffer. Purchase a case to start giving out to folks you meet every day.

Published by Thomas Nelson.


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