Soularize in a Box Vol. II

I’ve been looking forward to listening to the CD in this set ever since it arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. So, this week, with an 8 hour one-way trip ahead of me, I plopped it into the CD player in my car and was blessed beyond expectations.

True, the first session with N.T. Wright had a lot of background noise, but the rest of the sessions were clear. Wrights presentations were followed by Rita N. Brock who inspired me to re-read her book, Saving Paradise, all over again!. The next few sessions with Richard Rohr secured my decision to buy all his books and become a Franciscan monk.

To be honest, there were a few other glitches in the CD set – a duplicate session, redundancy of announcements, & discussions where the questions couldn’t be heard. Much of this could be cleaned up and re-mastered, making this a tremendous gift set. Even my 28 year old son found the presentations spiritually engaging.

Spencer Burke was the 20th session – and for me, as a pastor, his presentation was worth the price of the whole CD. Except for a few quality issues, this CD set is a ‘must hear’, life-changing treasure. Included in this Volume was a DVD of the sessions. I later watched the Richard Rohr presentations on the DVD without problem – receiving the double blessing. Interestingly, I listened to this whole CD during my travels to, during, and back home from a religious conference and actually found the CD to be more moving then the seminar I went to attend!

Buy it, listen to the whole thing, wrestle with the challenging notions presented, and you won’t be disappointed.


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