The Gospel According to Jesus, by Chris Seay

An important book for new Christians as well as for those who have been ‘in the way’ for sometime, but have not connected with Jesus. Chris helps the reader identify and jettison the plethora of religious obstacles from the spiritual teachings of Jesus. Lo and behold, the reader discovers that the truth is not religious rules at all, but the Person Jesus. He alone is the Truth.  This is not exactly earth-shattering news for many of us, but – unfortunately – it is for far too many Christians.

Chris began his book with a survey he commissioned through Barna. The question was carefully designed to grasp just how Christians conceived the word: ‘righteousness’. Whether unwittingly and/or just wrongly taught, many folks have come to understand righteousness in terms of things rather than Person. With a ‘thing’ oriented foundation, the Christian life will be built with lots of judgmental attitude rather than grace-oriented love for others – making for a rather distasteful religious presentation.

The author ended each chapter with interviews which, in most cases, creatively expanded and deepened the previous discussion.  Over all, Seay’s writing style is easy to read and his progression of chapters are laid out adequately to convey his thesis.The gospel of Jesus is all about a change in heart that takes place not through teeth-gritting self-discipline, but through the persistent power of a Spirit-led life.


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