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The Lion, the Mouse, and the Dawn Treader: Spiritual Lessons from C.S. Lewis’s Narnia by Carl McColman

Posted in Book Review with tags on January 19, 2011 by seguewm

My thanks to Mike Morrell for recommending this ebook. It was timely, in that I’ve been recently discussing the idea of stages of faith. Discipleship programs handicap young Christians if they are not introduced to the fact that they are entering a lifelong spiritual journey rather than graduating. This book underscores the maturation process through much tribulation.

The author, Carl McColman, is an excellent writer. I really don’t know how to say that any better. Not only was I not disappointed in this book, I found just about every sentence insightful enough to stop to meditate on what was being said. I have occasionally read a book without finding anything quotable, but seldom have I read a book where I’ve underlined so much. McColman captures the depth of each chapters meaning and relates it in clear, succinct, and intellectually enjoyable words.

If you appreciate the writings of C. S. Lewis you will be doubly blessed by McColmans rendering of this story. If you haven’t been able to get into the works of Lewis, here is a wonderful primer. If you are trying to understand your own spiritual trek through life, allow McColman to tag along as your guide and life interpreter.