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Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me

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An engaging page-turner.

This is the story of a family that has experienced success and failure, pomp and painful circumstance. The secret life of a father was both the source of opportunity and adversity, admiration and anger, disequilibrium and spiritual discovery.

Ian Cron has an incredible gift for honesty with intention. The cleverness of his phrases gets swallowed up by his disarming authenticity.  He fearlessly leads us through the tragic, while guiding us to the sublime. The reader will at once empathize, yet identify; feel his pain, yet realize his hope.

This is a memoir that will not soon leave our own memory, and may even give new shape to what would be our own memoir.


The Seraph Seal, by Sweet & Wagner

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What a great book! Sweet & Wagner wove together an intriguing, thought provoking story. I enjoyed the realistic development of each  character, the increasingly inviting pace of the unfolding story, and the mind-challenging complexities of the hauntingly real conspiracy. This book seems designed to rekindle any lagging interest in biblical prophecy or at least will inspire the apocalyptic aficionado to re-imagine John’s Revelation.

The setting is placed in the year 2048 when all kinds of mayhem arrives at its predicted and predictable point of convergence. The issues facing the world are dangerously massive and the individuals – both protagonist and antagonist – exhibit all the expected characteristics of hero and villain. Each segment of the book is pleasantly short, offering needed glimpses into the a diverse array of influences without bogging down the reader into any one particular subplot.

This is a fast read, yet if you like details there is an abundance to bring pause. I found The Seraph Seal to be difficult to put down.  Enjoy!

Story Engineering, by Larry Brooks

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Many people have imagined writing a book. Many have a story that they believe would be a best seller – if they could just write it. Many have even started to write a book, but never got very far with it. Still others have written their hearts out, but haven’t been able to get their book published. Maybe you fit into one of those descriptions. If so, you might want to check out this new book. It is a book about writing books, by someone who has repeatedly been successful as an author.

Larry Brooks not only takes the prospective author step by step through the process of writing, but cleverly uses this book as an illustration on how to write. Though the title is ‘Story Engineering’, don’t be fooled. Brooks approach is very readable and understandable even if you are, like me, the average Joe who disliked English classes and never took a course in writing. This ‘is’ the course you want to take.

Brooks takes the reader on a humorous, step by gentle step journey through the six core competencies you will need to master to be a successful writer. This isn’t formulaic, but it is a extremely useful and easily applicable guide to success. You have nothing to lose, and certainly much to gain in reading through this book.