The Seraph Seal, by Sweet & Wagner

What a great book! Sweet & Wagner wove together an intriguing, thought provoking story. I enjoyed the realistic development of each  character, the increasingly inviting pace of the unfolding story, and the mind-challenging complexities of the hauntingly real conspiracy. This book seems designed to rekindle any lagging interest in biblical prophecy or at least will inspire the apocalyptic aficionado to re-imagine John’s Revelation.

The setting is placed in the year 2048 when all kinds of mayhem arrives at its predicted and predictable point of convergence. The issues facing the world are dangerously massive and the individuals – both protagonist and antagonist – exhibit all the expected characteristics of hero and villain. Each segment of the book is pleasantly short, offering needed glimpses into the a diverse array of influences without bogging down the reader into any one particular subplot.

This is a fast read, yet if you like details there is an abundance to bring pause. I found The Seraph Seal to be difficult to put down.  Enjoy!


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