Reluctant Pilgrim, by Enuma Okoro

The sub-title for this book is, “a moody, somewhat self-indulgent introvert’s search for spiritual community. That pretty much sums up this book. It is an easy, quick read – yet, beware, it will often make you feel ‘uneasy’ and invite you to ‘slow down’ and reflect.

It is not, as Enuma herself explains, that her life experiences have been anything out of the ordinary. Rather, what is extra-ordinary is her willingness to invite the reader deep into her no holding back account of her own personal journey. This is not her story about someone else or a fictionalized story of her own life. You may not like what she says, nor how she says it. You may not agree with the way she handled the various ups and downs of her life. You will, though, realize that – if we were really honest with ourself – we have been Enuma.

Most of us, sometimes intentionally and other times unwittingly, sanitize our own story. What if we didn’t? What if we allowed ourselves to see the raw truth about our own journey? What if we allowed others to see us ‘naked’? Would there be advantage?

Enuma’s story is about her search for true community. What does ‘community’ mean to you? What are your expectations of ‘community’? Have you found true ‘community’?

As you read through Reluctant Pilgrim you will, I hope, permit yourself to wonder about these questions, and maybe even begin your own search for an authentic spiritual ‘community’.


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