Allah – A Christian Response

Miroslav Volf is a great communicator. He patiently parses out each argument for and against the notion that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. He never rushes through any aspect of the debate unwittingly leaving false impressions.

How could these two great religions, often at odds with one another in American communities as well as on the foreign battlefield, in our own time as well as throughout the last many centuries, actually be followers of the same deity? Is it possible for two individuals to worship the same God, yet have different notions about God? If yes, then how many differences can two people have in their beliefs about God before they are actually speaking of two different beings altogether? Is the true God only truly worshipped when our understanding of God is accurate and complete?

Volf explains the debate in it’s historical context, then in terms of two Christian values – the Trinity and God as love, and finally he challenges the reader to re-examine the way we reason. In many ways this would be a phenomenal text for any student of communication and/critical thinking – both woefully under-taught skills in our current day educational system.

Christians are called to be ministers of reconciliation in this world. Unfortunately and shamefully, more often than not, we have become agents of polarization, heightening the levels of fear, hate, and anger in our communities to the detriment of this and future generations. Volf has called Christians to task, inviting those who truly love God to the discussion table where we can re-discover the tools necessary for loving our neighbor. More, Volf asks us to rethink our own picture of God. Have we made God in our own cultural image? Do we have God in a box, a little God? Are we fighting others to retain what is merely an idol?

Is the Christian God big enough for all he reconciled to him at the cross?


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