Breaking Up With God

This was, honestly, a difficult book for me to read. The problem is not the writing, because Sarah is an awesomely gifted author. Her topic, though, pushed a lot of my buttons – and I assume they will do the same for many who read this book.

Why do we believe as we believe? How did we come to the conclusions we have about God, the Bible, and the church? Do we have a ‘reason for our particular faith’? Is ‘our’ God, ‘our’ own creation? How might we know if it is or isn’t?

As Sarah once said in an interview, she didn’t ‘lose’ God. Rather, she left God. The first usually occurs because we are mindlessly distracted. The second is a painful, yet well thought out intentional act.

This story is not about leaving church, nor even about ceasing to call oneself a Christian. It is not about setting aside religion, to be ‘spiritual’. This is, instead, a breakup with God.

A highly recommended book, but only for those who are serious and courageous seekers of truth. You will find in this book, as I have, an experienced ‘guide’ who will step you through some of the most gut wrenching  questions of faith a person of faith will ever confront.


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