The Language of Science and Faith

Several years ago a Christian physician friend recommended the book, The Language of God. I have a rather dated BS degree in Biology so I was anxious to learn what was new in the field of genetics. I quickly found myself deeply engrossed and delightfully intrigued by all that Francis Collins explained about the human genome. Simultaneously, I found several of my theological constructs challenged by his integration of science and faith. When I finished his book I realized that I needed to pursue this topic far more intentionally than I had up to that point in my life. So, I had little hesitancy in ordering and reading this next book, The Language of Science and Faith by Giberson and Collins. Again, no disappointments. And again, much that required me to wrestle with my current belief system.

The authors patiently lead the reader through the issues of both evolution and creationism. This is’t simply a rehashing of the old and familiar debates. Rather, erroneously held, yet still persistently frequently repeated arguments from both sides of the issue are explained, updated, and the current science is presented. Straw man arguments are exposed for what they really are. Narrowly interpreted scriptures are examined in the light of both historical and current biblical knowledge. The history of the conflict between science and faith is given a more even handed perusal. Finally, a coherent integration of 21st century science and 2 – 3 millennia old scripture is presented.

While the authors speak from their expertise, they offer their insights with the humility one should expect from both people of faith and scientific professionals. If you’ve only felt obliged to read from only one side of the argument, I encourage you to do yourself a favor and hear these two men out. If it has been a while since you’ve ventured into this discussion, this book would be a good place to refresh yourself on the topic. If you have completely avoided the debate because the proponents on both sides seemed intransigent and passionately over the top in their angrily delivered diatribes, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the eloquent, clear-headed, and evenly discussed manner of these men. Enjoy.


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