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I Am A Follower, by Leonard Sweet

Posted in Book Review with tags , , on January 20, 2012 by seguewm

This is a timely, essential read. I’ve been so challenged by this book that I have recommended it as our February Book Discussion on Wednesday evenings. It is not only well-written, but Len Sweet has courageously addressed a long overdue core issue within Christianity. As with his previous books, Sweet has called the church to task. We have been majoring in everything except Jesus. We’ve wandered the earthly realm far too long as a ‘Headless’ body.

Sweet has appropriately organized his book in four sections, the structure underscoring the message: vece, via, verita, vita. Chock full of delicious quotes and delightful stories, he invites the reader to realign his or her faith under Christ, to move from believing in the church, believing in our beliefs, to believing and following Jesus. Our beliefs and practices aren’t there to lead us to themselves, but to Him – the way, the truth, and the life.

Each section ends with ‘interactives’ – thought-provoking questions designed not only for the reader, but also for group discussion. Why has the church majored in a leadership rather than a follower culture? Has our contemporary church erased all notions on how to serve? Have we striven for that which is the antithesis of the gospel? Have we emulated the ways of the secular rather than the spiritual? What would the church look like if we returned to ‘followership’ rather than persisting with our ‘leadership’ model? Have we largely obscured the gospel of Jesus Christ because of our penchant to be more ‘American’ than Christian? Have we structured ourselves against discipleship?

Sweet has called the church to accountability.