Heaven Is Now, by Andrew Farley

Few Christian authors have captured the new covenant of grace as completely or expressed it so elegantly as has Andrew Farley. Without any apologies, Farley has presented what many prophets of old longed for.

In Christ the ultimate beauty of God is made known. For those who are willing to see, the love of God removes all fear. In the place of fear is the peace that nothing can remove.

Farley’s book is easy to read. The chapters are short and immediately digestible. Consistent with all that we should expect from God, what is presented doesn’t require a theological degree to gasp. It is straight forward and to the point. He begins by differentiating between the old and the new covenant, explains the role of the law, makes clear the purpose of Christ, and ends by describing the effects of faith in the life of a believer.

The is a reason why so many are confused in their Christian faith. Far too many present a skewed gospel that leaves believers with one foot in the old covenant and the other in the new – effectively making of no effect either one of them. Farley brings us back to the simplicity and transformative power of God’s grace. The ball, as they say, is now in your court.


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