The Voice, NT

I have been a fan of the New Testament Voice for several years. This updated edition deepens my appreciation for the Voice.

One of the first things you will notice is its conversational format. This restructuring of the text underscores what is implicit, but often neutralized by common presentation. Structure and function should work together for efficient communication.

The next valuable feature is the translation itself. It reads clearly for the 21st century reader, yet remains accurate to the best texts.

Thirdly, the translators have made an effort to create wonder. Wonder, it has been said, is the playground of the Spirit. Shouldn’t the reading of scripture always be an experience with the living God? An example of this is how references to Jesus omit the traditional transliteration, ‘Christ’, for the unexpected translation, ‘ the Anointed One’.

One final point, I am reviewing the digital version of the Voice. I love it! It is easy to navigate, unlike many digital bible versions. It was an easy download on to my iPad. You will find a useful daily reading guide and embedded notes along the way.


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