Jesus – a Theography, by Len Sweet & Frank Viola

Other than in John’s gospel, have you ever read a book about the life of Christ that roots His existence in eternity? So much is written about His last week, but can the events leading up to the cross, the resurrection, and ascension ever be grasped apart from His eternal context? Can we truly appreciate Jesus of Nazareth without knowing Him as the Creator God?

I have asked that to underscore the fact that this is not ‘just’ another book about Christ. Sweet and Viola are the dynamic duo who presented us with ‘Jesus Manifesto’. If that treatise deepened your walk with Jesus, you’ll be more enriched by this new volume as it digs far deeper into the metaphors and symbols of the One we cherish as both Savior and Lord. In sixteen chapters this Sweet and Viola begin their story before time, lead us through time, and finally help us see beyond time. They pull together His whole story in a manner, if we really grasp its full significance, that ought to seriously reshape our worldview and thus the way we live each day. Enjoy.


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