An Ancient Future Prayer, by Mike Greenberg

How can a two thousand year old prayer be of any value to us today?

When the disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to pray His answer was what we have come to call The Lord’s Prayer. The question is, was it just meant for them back then or is there something in this prayer for all disciples even now? More specifically, was it intended merely as an old covenant appropriate prayer or was it given as a model prayer for those who would shortly become new covenant followers of Christ? Should we read it as a curious artifact of the distant past or as sacred art for the heart and soul for all time?

If it is a prayer meant for us today, how should we approach it? Should it simply be memorized and repeated on cue? Was this prayer given as a meditation? Or was it structured to help us on our way to mature faith?

Mike takes this ancient prayer and invites the modern (post-modern?) reader to experience it new every day, to let it be the foundation upon which we hear the Spirit speaking into every fiber of our being. Don’t assume you already know how he will approach this topic. In fact, you may want to read the first eleven pages through several times before moving into the prayer. At the end of each section Mike invites the reader to jot down reflections. Take your time. Read. Reflect. Write.


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