The Idolatry of God, by Peter Rollins


Prying the lid off of vacuum sealed Christianity proves difficult at best. Rollins, unlike most who write about the state of the Christian ‘union’, seems to be the most adept at this task. Rather than attempting to be nice about it or by thinking only from within the parameters of the religion, the author – even as a Christian – has an ability and the will to step outside of his faith in order to honestly examine his faith. The result is, as usual, breathtakingly refreshing and resonates with the soul. He is able to articulately bring to discussion the angst that often resides just below the surface in the minds of many contemporary Christians.

We are, as Peter pens, addicted to our religion. But what, exactly does that mean? Why have we turned God into an idol? Why do we keep doing, with pleasure, the very things that keep us from God?

Read it.




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