Zealot, by Reza Aslan

indexThough this book has created much controversy, that fact alone insists that it be read. Curiously, despite the fact that there is nothing new presented in this book, Aslan weaves the long established into a very readable account. Sadly, for many folks, much that he has written will be new. The temptation will be, as has been exhibited by the the vehemence of his critics, that the author has intentionally crafted his narrative as an original work with the sole, misguided intention of defeating faith in Christ. These antagonistic notions merely underscore the narrow mindedness that pervades Christian education from Sunday school to seminary.

Aslan parses out the difference between the historical probabilities of Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ that was created for religious purposes. His accounting of the details of history create a plausible rendering of the sequence and development of events – one that should not be thoughtlessly discounted simply because it isn’t familiar or pleasing. There are just too many details, too many facts of history, that require our consideration.

Having said all that, there are interpretations of scripture used in this book, used to bolster the author’s perspective, that may be honestly understood differently. Whatever the case, this book is a must read.


One Response to “Zealot, by Reza Aslan”

  1. Very good review. What you said is right on – the information is not new, but it will be very controversial to anyone who has not read research in the context of the historical figure of Jesus.

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