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The Art of Work, by Jeff Goins

Posted in Book Review with tags on November 5, 2015 by seguewm


Looking for meaning in all the wrong places? Most of us do. A life worth living is more than being happy, even more than being successful. What most folks really want to know is if their life has meaning. We think we’ll find meaning if we earn a college degree or two, marry someone we are compatible with, get hired by a company that offers incredible benefits, or are growing as a person in our weekly sessions with a great therapist. Nope.

Meaning doesn’t ‘come to us’ from outside of us. Rather, the meaning of life unfolds by first noticing who you already are. It is the totality of your existence over a lifetime. Look at what you have already accomplished. Ask what others ‘see’ when they see you? Your life as it has been is telling you what you need to know. Notice, listen, develop, discover, overcome, master, ‘be’.

Jeff nicely illustrates each of his points with well told stories. His book reads easily, yet inspires the reader every step of the way. Enjoy.