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The Principle of the Path, by Andy Stanley

Posted in Book Review with tags , , on April 13, 2009 by seguewm

principleThomas Nelson 2008

In brief, this is a common sense, no brainer book. In one sense, unfortunately, it rehashes that which many other authors have said – which makes me wonder why Andy wrote this book. True, we all need to have these ideas re-iterated from time to time with freshly minted illustrations. Also, each writer has his/her own dedicated followers who will hear from their favorite author that which they won’t bother to attend to from a less favored author. Now, having said the above, let me just say that what Andy has written is great stuff!

The perversity of human nature leads even the most successful, intelligent, and gifted people astray – undermining the good they have already accomplished and often destroying their potential for more. Why? Andy makes it quite clear. When we put ourselves in the seat that should only be inhabited by the eternal One, we’ve gotten both feet firmly placed – yet on a banana peel. Human society functions best when we operate under laws, understand the reality and nature of principles, and depend upon the guidance of God – from whom true wisdom comes.

If we get ourselves headed in the right direction (other wise known as being right headed), i.e. finding in Christ the strongest emotional attention-getting presence in the universe, we are far less likely to fall prey to the plethora of life-destroying enticements designed to capture our soul. Good intentions are insufficient. We all need something greater than ourselves to ground us and maintain us in a healthy direction. In addition to a deep commitment to God, we need each other. We need to hear from diverse voices that are equally committed to God – voices that hold us accountable, encourage us, strengthen us, and love us.

Not all dreams come true, writes Andy, because some things truly are out of our hands. Yet, why shoot ourselves in the foot, why sabotage ourselves, when we could have accomplished so much? Grab this book and read it from cover to cover. If it seems familiar, don’t stop reading. Andy gives fresh new illustrations that are designed to keep this message clear. Follow the tried and true principles articulated in this book. The results will speak for themselves.