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The Noticer, by Andy Andrews

Posted in Book Review with tags , , , on April 27, 2009 by seguewm

noticerSome times, seemingly just at the right time, we meet a person who, in a few short words, changes our whole perspective on a life circumstance.  In Andy Andrews newest book, The Noticer, there is one such character that looks for, notices, people who just need to see things from a different point of view.  He finds a way to cleverly insert himself into their lives, caringly confronts them with questions, and helps them ‘see’ the better way.

Andy begins his story by sharing his own providential encounters with this stranger who self-describes his particular gift as noticing things.  He had watched Andy, cared about Andy, discovered a way to help Andy, and then made it a point to meet Andy.  Some strangers are heaven sent, or so it may seem. 

The story continues by introducing us to others who have met this peculiar, yet much loved man. Each person sees him, though, somewhat differently, but everyone grows to like him and is thankful for his unexpected and even uninvited entrance into their lives.  No one really knows where he has come from, where he lives, what his real name is, or exactly how old he is.  It doesn’t really matter.  He has taken the time to engage them in conversations that turned out to be welcomed incredible blessings in their lives.

Though the reader is immediately captured by the stories of everyday people struggling almost helplessly with everyday kinds of issues, Andrews uses these real-to-life events as a skilled therapist, counseling each of us, the readers, as well.  ‘Wow, that’s pretty good advice’, I kept saying to myself chapter after chapter, story after story.  I need to ‘notice’ things around me in a manner that broadens my own perspectives in life.  In fact, I just need to be more intentional about keeping a larger perspective in mind.  In the end, the Noticer visited me through the pages of this fabulous book, and I’m forever thankful for his words of counsel that have changed my life.