Revise Us Again, by Frank Viola

A wise man once said that there isn’t anything new under the sun. Maybe you thought all your ideas were uniquely yours, eh? Well, not quite.  We’ve been, unwittingly, ‘conditioned’ to think the way we do.

How we believe God speaks to man, the special terms we use within our church family, our conversational style, our notions of ‘truth’, how we perceive the divine presence, our attitude, our expectation of God, the way the Spirit operates in the world, and even the ‘real’ object of our worship – are all, to a large degree, ‘hand-me-downs’.

Ok, so you may not believe me. Maybe you believe that you are the master of your own cognitions. If so, I hate to tell you, someone has probably fed you that ‘line’ as well. Regardless, I’ll bet you really do love Christ and wouldn’t want to be pursuing anything that is not of Him. Right?

If you’ll give Frank a chance, as I did, he will kindly, yet clearly, guide you through the maze of ideas that you may have assumed were ‘Christian’, but actually may not be based on anything biblical at all. We may well ‘fit’ our local church or even our denomination, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we represent Christ.

Game to explore? Are you willing to revise the way you think if you can be shown a better, more Christ-like way?


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